Fibre Optic Assembly and Termination

At Argus CableTech we specialise in short lead time custom terminations. We focus on more complex short run assemblies and can provide tailored length breakouts that reduce excess fibre in data centre system equipment. Our manufacturing plant is equipped with a dedicated assembly room which
makes us your ideal partner to produce a made to measure, rapid deployment, terminated fibre optic solution. We can produce ruggedised aerospace, defense and military spec, single mode, multimode and specialised tailored length breakouts.

Patch leads from Argus CableTech
Cable from Argus CableTech

Fibre Optic capabilities

Terminate single and multi-fibre cables to custom lengths

On site polishing and tuning of fibre terminations

Grade B tuning capability

Single mode terminations LC, LCA, SC, SCA

Single or multi-mode fibre

Multifibre assemblies and cable breakouts

Specialty tailored length breakouts

Termination of up to 48 fibres

Hybrid fibre and copper cables

On site testing including concentricity measurement, interferometer
optical testing and Insertion Loss, and Return Loss

Quick turnaround short lead time

Traceability of test results available in database format

Individual product compliance and certifications can be provided